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Technical writers don’t author everything in a technical manual or publication. Some of the information comes from specific authorities.

Here is what S1000D says about that:

“Regulatory agencies and manufacturers agree on certain information and exact wording in technical manuals. This wording must not be changed or deleted by the…

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S1000D offers many constructs where you can capture all kinds of information. There are short and full descriptions of something, notes, warning and caution paragraphs, tasks, procedures, rules, and much more.

This topic groups the Business Rules Decision Points (BRDP) concerning the use of remarks and, more precisely, the elements…

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I love turning my life and anything that composes it into fun games. I call the result of this process a self-motivational game.

My newest self-motivational game design is the “Instead Of” Game or simply Instead Game. I played it for the first time on November 6, 2021.

After playing…

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This topic (and article) groups the S1000D Business Rules Decision Points (BRDP) concerning logo and logotypes.

According to the Oxford Languages dictionary:

A logo is “a symbol or other small design adopted by an organization to identify its products, uniform, vehicles, etc.”


A logotype is “a single piece of…

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Applicability is a paradoxical concept in S1000D. It is both easy and hard to explain.

Easy because as soon as you mention that it is about filtering the information and presenting the result of this filtering to whom it applies, its scope becomes clear.

But the sheer amount of ways…

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Some time ago, I read this passage in a book on game design:

“In creative industries, from literature to film to video games, practitioners, participants, and critics develop a shared language, a common reference library, and a set of skills, approaches, and techniques for their field. Film directors learn the…

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Recently, I wrote an article on how to turn self-management into an exciting and epic adventure for ourselves.

Today, I realize that the result of turning self-management into fun games is not only an exciting, fun, and gameful experience, but it also becomes something else.


  • we start acting as…

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